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Pre-2018 ECAD was just one freelance project engineer delivering projects in multiple industries.
Things changed in response to the difficulties ECAD witnessed in recruiting engineering and project resource, so during 2018 ECAD re-defined its business approach to better support clients in delivering their capital projects by addressing this key issue.
ECAD was working on several projects across a number of sites, all the clients had increased their capital spend which was leading to a shortage of skills to deliver projects.
ECAD focused on finding resource by matching Capability with Availability
ECAD targeted 25 engineers and managers to help with the project delivery; the focus first was on Capability.

Once the Capability was determined then the Availability had to be managed, some people were available 5 days a week at the client’s site, some people worked from their own office, some people where available for part-time work on and off site.
By using the Past & Future employment model ECAD was able to recruit 22 sub-contractors in 12 months ranging from 22 to 65 years old, located all over the UK with even in one engineer in Australia.
This approach has not only positioned the right person for the right job for the appropriate duration, but due to the low overheads the client has seen cost savings of over 20% based on the nearest market leaders in their sector.
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