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SMART Documents

ECAD focus on value added tools, some of these tools reflect in the development of our own SMART documents; SMART document is a document that has multiple uses.
Example of our SMART is line List;

The purpose of this line list spreadsheet is to;
• Collate details of the pipework (specifications, materials, velocities, etc…)
• Generate a Bill Of Materials for each pipe line
• Generate an overall Bill Of Materials
• Generate Installation costs
• Generate a summary of all costs

We used this document for competitive bidding issued to 4 fabrication companies.
The quotations came back within 10% of each other making a cost and scope comparison very easy to do; (apples for apples).
After the order had been placed we use the same spreadsheet to record Management of Change to ensure cost controls are in place at the time of the purchase order not at the end of the installation.
The SMART document proved to be very successful with no misunderstanding.