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ECAD Work Package (EWP)

ECAD have noticed over the last 10 years project engineers are expected to carryout less engineering and more project administration.
Examples of this are when business head count has been reduced in purchasing & accounts, which lead to the project engineering negotiating deals, placing orders, chasing payments, etc…
We have noticed that in 1990’s the split of a project engineers time was around 80% engineering and 20% project administration, we feel this has now switched around causing the shortage of engineering skills that ECAD is now able to address.
By breaking down the task into specific activities in the Work Breakdown spreadsheet we can ensure the most cost effective use of engineering time.
The ECAD Work Package spreadsheet
The spreadsheet has a project hierarchy, and detailed Work Breakdown Packages, this is presented to the client allow with an estimate of time.
The purpose is to maximise the efficient use of key skills.
The ECAD Work Packages are designed in line with IR35 regulations
5 Control Control
9 The client controls how, when & where the services are delivered Contractor controls how, when & where the services are delivered
15 Privileges Privileges
17 Contractor not viewed any differently to employees of the client; uniform, holiday pay sick pay, etc… Contractor clearly identifiable as external resource and not an employee
23 Risk Risk
25 Contractor has no financial risk and paid regardless of quality of the services provided May be working to payment on deliverables and will have to cover cost of insurance, etc…
29 Mutuality of Obligation Mutuality of Obligation
33 Client obliged to offer additional work and contractor obliged to accept Contractor under no obligation to accept work other than that is already agreed
37 Substitution Substitution
41 Client would not be willing to accept a substitute to provide the services Contractor could provide and pay for substitute