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Efficient  / Flexible / Cost Effective & Scaleable 

Quickly access a portfolio of specialist engineering teams for long or short term projects



ECAD Services operate within the engineering projects environment since 2007.

ECAD is focused on finding the right person for the right role.

This is by opening the employment opportunities to anyone and everyone and assessing their capability.

Once the capability is known we then look at how to make that resource available.

We also recognise the importance of young engineers; we plan to develop these engineers by utilising our experienced engineers as group mentors.

For more details see our Success on Recruitment.


ECAD believe an engineer can be equally described as a “Problem Solver”, they have the ability to draw on experience, training, adaptation, and lateral thinking to resolve the task set on to them.

UK engineering heritage was classed as one of the world leaders, this was due to the industrial revolution, wherever industry was created local engineering companies evolved.

These early engineering companies created their own standards, inventing unique and ground-breaking methods to solve problems, providing the UK with a vast amount of experience.

Some of the overseas companies replicated our manufacturing industries, however, because their local engineering companies did not evolve in the same manner, then some of their copied items although cheaper were substandard.

Some of these oversea companies recognised these substandard issues and so created problem-solving tools for non-engineers to resolve their issues.

Over the past 30 years, the engineering resource level in the UK industry has been slowly declining, this is due to many factors, such as;

• Improvements in hardware & software technology
• Improvements in manufacturing techniques
• Loss of manufacturing industry overseas
• Cost-saving projects (headcount reduction)
• Lack of recruitment and development of young engineers

ECAD has noticed that the headcount reduction initiatives as also indirectly effecting engineering project practices, for example, an engineering projects office would have had designers, purchaser, clerk of works, accountant, etc… these tasks are now generally carried out by the projects engineer which means they are now carrying out c.20% engineering c.80% administration.

Now due to the lack of engineering experience, some of the UK industry has adopted these oversea problem-solving techniques so non-engineers can resolve issues, however from experience if an engineer is not present at these problem-solving reviews then the output could be inconclusive.

For every £1 spend on investment projects £1.3 is gain on UK GDP

Institute For Fiscal Studies

Investment Potential



ECAD provides capable engineering resources to assist in delivering capital investments.



By using the correct communication tools to liaise with all involved in the project we plan the works to reduce the risks by co-operating and co-ordination, using the right people for the right job at the right time. 


Idea Validation

We help our clients understand a good idea from a bad idea.
Our target is to be +/- 50% on capital investment and benefit realisation.
To do this we develop:
• Technical Design Brief
• Low level engineering drawings (layouts, flow diagram)
• Basic cost of investment
• Benefit identification
• Rate of return accountancy document


Feasibility Engineering

This is a detailed activity to refine the benefit identification and accuracy.
Also, further engineering detail is carried out to understand full scope and compliance requirements.
The output from this study is to gather enough information to target an accuracy +/- 25% on capital investment and benefit realisation.



This is to focus on gathering as much information as possible to develop a capital application of +/-10% accuracy.
This could include specific equipment identification, process diagrams, layouts, schedules, building compliance, planning permission, along with costs for equipment, build and services.


Project management / Planning

Proven Stage Gate Process steers any project through from Idea Generation to Front End Engineering Design and Delivery on strong foundations laid from User and functional requirements. Technical understanding drives ability to tailor project approach thereby optimising effectiveness of delivery. All whilst keeping a handle on Project Management Tools to attain results across Time Cost Quality & Risk aspects of the project.


Process engineering

At the heart of most of our projects is the Process, from project inception through to the successful commissioning the project will develop requiring changes being incorporated to the original scheme, however a constant view must be maintained on the Process to ensure that what we deliver is in line with the original project targets (or better) ensuring we achieve the benefits and returns predicted. Our team have many years’ experience both with process design and implementation of those designs within both design offices and operational plants.


Mechanical engineering

A large element on most of our projects is Mechanical Engineering, this includes but is not limited to Equipment Layout, Pipework Design / Layout / Isometrics, Fabrication Drawings….ECAD’s core team include Mechanical Designers and Engineers who using the latest IT tools are able to provide all skills required for most projects internally, these include the ability for us to carry out finite analysis calculations in house. In Addition, our wider pool of engineers are also available if further resources are required on larger projects.


Civil And Structural engineering

With access to structural and civil engineering experts we have experience in redeveloping brownfield sites, installation of all ground works including rainwater attenuation, drainage, etc to complete new warehouse operation, expansion of buildings to integrate new process building into existing process buildings. Relaying concrete yards and internal roads whilst minimising site impact of traffic. Demolitions of buildings in live site and making safe for future use.


Electrical engineering

Electrical requirements in full alignment with Project deliverables with standards identified at early stage. All aspects of electrical system engineering covered across HV/LV Power Distribution and Switching, DOL/VSD based Motor Control, Cabling & Containment, Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection/Suppression Systems and more. Design capability aligns fully with associated Control Systems & Automation needs.


Instrumentation & Automation

Catering for all industrial control applications, across wide range of proven or bespoke customer needs. Controlling single control loops or multiple interdependent control functions and subsidiary systems. Providing the most relevant system architectures across Server, HMI, PLC/DCS and IO Distribution with suitable Networking from Fibre Optic, Ethernet, Profinet systems. Suitable selection of Field Instrumentation factored in for safe and reliable control of rotary machinery, pump systems, mixing, filtration, heating/drying, level control, HVAC, and many more.


Construction Design Management (CDM)

ECAD can act as Principle designer, principle contractor and advisor to client to make sure that the design complies with all current legislation and is;  
• Fit to design 
• Fit to install 
• Fit to maintain
• Fit to remove at end of life


Installation Supervision

With over 200 years of collective experience managing installations, demolitions & rebuilds in live plants, working with multi disciplines across multiple industries. Previous works include isolation and separation of paper machines from live site and eventual demolition with no impact to running business.


System Risk Assessments

ECAD has develop a SMART document which allows the team to carry out a risk assess on a capital investment in line with CE Requirements.
The completed document identifies gaps to be actioned by either physical intervention or management controls.
This allows us to handover a project in confidence.


Compliance (ATEX, PUWER, CE)

Highest on any industry / Manufacturing sites Agenda should be Machinery Safety compliance although often low on awareness or general understanding in how to ensure safety for people and plant. In alignment with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, our aim is to steer you through this complex subject to provide adequate Safety Control Systems, Guarding, Interlocks etc. Ultimately, there is an obligation to deliver or maintain systems with the relevant Safety Integrity Level as well as the documentation and evidence to provide assurance of conformity of the system within EU guidelines.



The success of any project is reliant not only on the design and implementation of any new equipment but also crucially on the ability to hand over the upgrades or newly installed plant effectively. This hand over must ensure the clients operators and engineers are able not only to run and maintain the equipment but also that they also are knowledgeable to a level to allow them to diagnose any warnings and fault find any future issues.



For most projects some level of operation and maintenance training will be required, this will be of differing levels dependant on project requirements, this can be provided / overseen by ECAD. Where appropriate we will use the equipment manufacturers installation team (or trainers) to give detailed support on any new equipment whilst ECAD will provide training on the integration of the equipment to the surrounding existing process.


Standardisation & SMART Documents

ECAD have developed our own standards and SMART documents which focuses on efficiency, simplicity and continuity.
These structures allow us to introduce new member quickly and with minimum effort.
We are constantly focusing on value added techniques.


Problem Solving

ECAD utilise root cause analysis techniques such as;
CEDAC (Fishbone)
• Kaizen (continuous improvements)
To Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC)



ECAD Work Package

ECAD managers review the clients Capital Project Delivery requirements, develop a project hierarchy, break the project down into disciplines, and generate ECAD Work Packages.
The purpose of the work package is to focus on skills and efficiency.
The ECAD Work Packages will be posted on the “Job Portal”
The work packages are designed in line with IR35 regulations.


Looking to the Future

At ECAD we are constantly reviewing how to improve our delivery techniques.
We are particularly excited to see the development of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.
We are in the process of utilising our own HoloLens 2 headsets to aid with equipment commissioning, handover training, problem-solving, and remote access to Subject Matter Experts who are overseas.







The way we work is changing. ecad are creating enabling structures

Baby Boomers were born during the second wave of the industrial revolution; you have a job you save your money; you buy once you have enough, you work for your needs family.
Generation X born during the automation of the industrial revolution; no job for life, if you want something you get a loan or mortgage, you ensure you always are employed.
Millennials born in the information & data-driven industrial evolution, zero-hour contracts, self-employment creating a work-life balance.

The majority of the industry is currently being managed by Generation X, followed by Millennials, followed by Baby Boomers. Within the next 10 years it is predicted that there will be more Millennials managing business than Generation X.


Industry Insights



ECAD have successfully grown its business, we believe this growth is directly related to our approach on ensuring the business remains simple, sustainable, scalable and value added.



• Direct access to Subject Matter Experts (SME)
• Instant visual and audio support (Remote Assist)
• On site virtual reality of CapEx investment (1 to 1 scale)

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ECAD Work Package (EWP)

ECAD Work Package (EWP)

• Complex projects made simple
• Reduced admin & maximise output
• Cost saving competitive bidding (IR35 Compliance)

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SMART Documents

SMART Documents

• Project bespoke documents which have multiple purposes
(Project Management, Engineering, Compliance & Purchasing)
• Saving cost & time
• Zero extras

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Office in the Cloud

Office in the Cloud

• 80% reduction of engineering design and project management personnel on site
• Reduction in travel cost for travel expenses
• System security for remote working and file storage

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• Focus on Capability (then determine how to make them Available)
• Large pool of resource
• Flexible working

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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

• Ease of operation -improve accuracy, saving money and time
• Ease of operation (standard PC)
• Improve accuracy (full overall visibility leading to no site modifications)
• Efficiency (full site surveying in hours not weeks)

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